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Joining the school band or orchestra is an exciting time for children as they begin to explore their passion for music. However, for parents, it means investing in instruments, accessories, supplies and adding something new to the family schedule.

Selecting the wrong starter pack could cost you double, put your child behind, or cause them so much aggravation they give up playing altogether.

Most Common Issues With
Starter Packs

Useless Stuff

Many packs contain items that your child simply doesn't need. This leads to waste, and can be aggravating for the band and orchestra directors as well.

Poor Quality

Low quality items can break quickly, leading to lost time and added cost to order replacements. This is often embarrassing for you and your child.

Save time and eliminate the headache with a First Note Starter Pack

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The First Note Pledge

  • High quality products only
  • Only includes the accessories your child needs to be successful
  • No fillers means the music director won’t send anything back
  • One order, one box

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The Science Is In:

Music Makes You Smarter

Studies have revealed that exposing a child to music early in their lives can positively impact their IQ, reading level, and brain development. Students who participated in music had higher music achievement and were highly engaged in music
produced higher exam scores across all subjects. 

Increases Dopamine




On average, children who learned to play a musical instrument and were now playing an instrument in high school were one academic year ahead of their peers in English, Mathematics, and Science skills, as measured by their exam grades.

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