What is a Starter Pack?
Simply, a Starter Pack is a bundle of the most common items that a new musician will need when they enter beginning band or orchestra. The instrument is only the beginning (!!) and, as you doubtless know by now, not inexpensive. A Starter Pack includes all of the most common accessories that your student will need to make their experience a success.
I’ve seen starter packs at my local music store. What makes this one different?
Great question! The packs that you can buy locally are adequate, but they are designed with one overarching purpose in mind: extra profits for the music store. Often the items are of inferior quality, and in some cases are not even recommended by your child’s teacher. Allow me to provide a couple of examples:

  • Violinists need a shoulder rest to comfortably hold the instrument. First Note Music’s Violin Pack includes a professional-style shoulder rest that firmly attaches to the instrument, is comfortable to use, and will last indefinitely with proper care. Other kits include a sponge and two rubber bands to accomplish this. Not only is the sponge inferior both in quality and in purpose, it will wear out faster and the rubber bands will actually damage your instrument’s finish.
  • Nearly every kit you find for a woodwind instrument will include some kind of “key oil.” This sounds great, right? I mean, you want to keep everything nice and lubricated! Not so fast my friend: The amount of oil included in most packs will literally last a player for 10 years if they don’t lose the bottle. Further, when a beginner tries to apply oil, they often overapply, causing excess to run over the instrument, ruin pads, and generally make a mess. At First Note Music, we have deleted this unnecessary product.
How do YOU know what my child needs to succeed?
I have been in the music industry for nearly 30 years, both as a teacher and as a representative of a major school music store. During that time, I have worked with hundreds of music educators at all levels, and learned what they like to use, and what they don’t. From selection of reeds to how to properly repair an instrument to what a student needs to make music fun, we have used all of this input to create a package that provides the essentials.
My child HATES to practice. Will your kit help?
There is NO magic bullet to practicing. You just have to sit down and do it. BUT: having the right tools makes practicing easier. Our kit includes a sturdy music stand that won’t wobble or tilt, and is easy to adjust so that reading the printed music is easy. We also include an instrument stand, designed to safely hold the instrument out of its case. This make it simple to grab the horn and start playing. We also include a journal so that your child can keep track of their practice minutes easily!
Your kit costs a bit more. Why?
The First Note Music Supply Starter Pack is definitely a little more expensive than the “run-of-the-mill” kit you will find at your local shop. The reason is simple: premium products that will outlast the competition. A better, stronger music stand. A silk swab that will do a better job of collecting water while not getting jammed in the horn. A neck strap that is comfortable to wear and won’t “bite” into your skin. A mute to allow you to practice the full range of your instrument.